Marriage Prep at St. Helen

Did you just get engaged?
Ready to begin your Marriage Preparation at St. Helen?

Couples need to initially contact and meet with our Marriage Coordinator at least 9 Months in advance.
Couples SHOULD NOT set a wedding date before their 1st meeting with the Marriage Coordinator. 

Please fill out BOTH Preparation Forms for the Bride and Groom, then the Marriage Coordinator will contact you. 
The Bride's Form | The Groom's Form

If you are planning on getting married at St. Helen, there are seven steps that must be completed within the Sacrament of Matrimony preparation before the day of your wedding. The Diocese of Phoenix Marriage Prep website clearly lays out each step.

Paperwork: Affidavit of Free Status
Diocesan Retreat Registrations
Wedding Planning
Wedding Readings | Sagradas Escrituras

Can we have our civil marriage blessed by the Church?

Yes, we call this a “convalidation.” if you have been married civilly and desire to have your marriage "validated” in the Catholic Church, we are happy to assist you in doing this. in  most cases, the steps for this are similar to the full marriage preparation program as stated above. 

What if one of us has been married before?

If one or both of you have a prior marriage or marriages, whether in the Catholic Church or by any other civil or religious authority, even if you are NOT Catholic, you must obtain a Declaration of Nullity (annulment) prior to entering into a marriage in the Catholic Church. If this is a situation for you or your intended spouse, please contact our nullity minister