Parish Update [October 18, 2020]

We want to remind you that the Sunday Obligation continues to be dispensed during this time; you are not required to attend a Mass in person.

[in addition to what is below]
-- In a spirit of the common good and for the protection of individuals and the community, Bishop Olmsted asks us at our parish to comply with the mandatory face mask policy as implemented in our area:
     -*- Requiring all who attend Mass to wear a face mask in a spirit of care for their fellow parishioners.
     -*- At St. Helen, we will have face masks available for those parishioners who arrive without one.
-*- A face mask is required for those attending Mass or when on campus and moving about in public areas or when physical distancing is not possible.
    -*- It is important to remember that wearing a face mask does not replace the benefits of physical distancing.

Parish Life

        + Be Healthy: Public places on our parish campus are frequently cleaned and sanitized. These are precautionary measures but the risk of coming into contact with the virus remains. It is important for individuals and families to be cautious and take individual responsibility to protect themselves.
        + Be Smart: Physical distancing and spacing will be practiced by all individuals on parish properties. A face mask is required for those attending Mass or when on campus and moving about in public areas or when physical distancing is not possible.
        + Be Holy: Remember to be patient, kind, and understanding. 

What is different at St. Helen Catholic Parish?
-- Our seating capacity inside the church is limited and restricted to about 35% capacity, about 260 people. The staff and volunteers of St. Helen Catholic Parish will ensure we reach our maximum capacity. Once the church is full at any of the Mass times, there will be no overflow in the Social Center.  We thank you for your patience with us.

        + Families and households are permitted to sit close to each other
              -- If you have been visiting regularly with close friend(s) and are healthy enough to be near each other, you may sit closer than six feet. This will allow us to reach a greater capacity. 
        + Ushers may ask you to sit in a particular section to keep people physically distant.

-- We are live-streaming the Sunday Mass at 9:00am, if you prefer to stay at home. 
         + For those who watch the live-stream, Sunday, 9:00am Mass, at home, we will distribute Holy Communion.  An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion will remain for 30 minutes to distribute Holy Communion to the parish faithful after the live-stream ends & the Sunday, 9:00am Mass has concluded.  

Receiving Holy Communion
-- Physical distancing and spacing of 6 feet must be observed in the Communion line.
-- The preferred method to receive Holy Communion during this time is in the hand.  Reception in the hand is safer for you, for the priests, and for everyone receiving Holy Communion.
-- There will be no distribution of the Precious Blood.

Should I Come To Mass?
-- Each person must make the decision of what is best for themselves and their families.
          Please Stay Home If:
          + You are feeling sick or have a fever.
          + You have a sick family member at home or have been recently exposed to someone who may be sick.
          + You are a primary caretaker of a vulnerable person.
          + You have been traveling or in large crowds.
          + You are at risk because of pre-existing conditions or age. 

Our Weekend Public Mass Schedule - Saturday Vigil & Sunday morning
-- Saturday - Vigil Mass at 4:30pm 
-- Sunday - Mass at 7:30am
-- Sunday - Mass at 9:00am
[9am Mass is live-streamed on our parish YouTube channel however, there will not be an overflow in the Social Center]

-- Sunday - Mass at 11:00am

Daily Weekday Public Mass schedule - Monday-Friday & Saturday morning
-- Our Weekday Masses will only take place in the main church. Daily Weekday Masses will not be live-streamed.  From June 29 - November 30, 2020, daily weekday Masses [Monday-Friday & Saturday morning] will take place at 7:30am only.  Continue to follow all of the directives, and please do not remove the tape on the pews.


If you have further questions, please call the parish office - 623-979-4202.