Finance, Pastoral, and Stewardship Councils


Finance Council:  Provides guidance to the pastor in the management of temporal goods.
Bill Fitzgerald - Council Chair
Richard Boullosa
Julie Ekstrom
Don Gorny
Del Krebs
Ron Maceyko
Madga Nunez
Pastoral Council:  Works with the pastor to define the Parish Vision.
Steve Waite - Council Chair
Stacey Frate
Randy Hughes
Paul McClellan
Michael Rains
Fr. John Ssegawa, A.J.
Salina Villanueva
Scott Vogel

Stewardship Council:  With the guidance of the pastor promotes the understanding and practice of stewardship.
Casey Murphy - Council Chair
Carolyn Barnett
Deacon Rudy Campas
Mike Garrison
Elaine Ransdell
Ted Shimon